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Realizing the Potential in Everything

At EverGrain, we know that every grain counts. We also know that every measure we take to better our planet has a lasting impact. These two convictions are why sustainability through circularity motivates our every decision. These beliefs are why we started our business, and they propel our purpose: to realize the potential in everything.

In 2013, we recognized that we weren’t utilizing the full potential of barley. That recognition planted a seed that has germinated over the past seven years and grown into the company we are today. We realize the role that barley can play in overcoming the global challenge of nourishing our ever-growing planet. Our ingredients contribute more than just nutrition, taste, and texture to the foods and beverages we enjoy. They also contribute harmony—harmony between how we consume and how we live.

Our heritage, through our founding partner, provides us access to a nutrient-dense barley supply that is transparent and local, stable and consistent. When combined with our innovative processes, we capture the full potential of this existing natural resource to fulfill our commitment to our planet’s health and longevity.

As a result of this ambition, access, and technology, we’ve found our place in today’s evolving food and beverage landscape: EverGrain creates incredible ingredients that nourish the world through the transformative power of circularity.

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Realizing the potential of Barley – Creating Sustainable and Healthy Value-Added Ingredients

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