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The clean label category is set to be valued at over $50 billion by 2024 (Innova, 2020) and the global pandemic is accelerating this mega-trend. Before COVID-19, 54% of consumers said they often buy clean label food and drinks that are natural, organic and don’t contain additives – this has now increased to 63% (Innova, 2020). Shoppers are paying more attention to what’s in their food and drink, and are looking for reassurance that they’re making wholesome, healthy choices for themselves and their families. 

That’s why now is the time to invest in the commercial potential of clean label. Since pioneering clean label prototypes over 20 years ago, Ingredion continues to lead the way in clean label ingredient innovation and functionality. 

​We combine pioneering solutions and proprietary market insights with formulation expertise – delivering the clean ingredients and simple labels that consumers understand and prefer.

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