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Seaweed & Co.’s PureSea range of naturally innovative seaweed ingredients address key market demands, providing numerous benefits for health, nutrition, flavour enhancement and salt replacement, and opportunities for weight and blood sugar management. These PureSea benefits are based around the natural wholefood seaweeds ingredients, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, and using proprietary processing to provide formats ideal for any food and nutrition applications.

A small inclusion of PureSea ingredients allows for six EFSA approved health claims linked to the natural and plant-based source of essential iodine. This key nutrient is increasingly deficient in the Western diet, and seaweed is the only good, natural and vegan source. Seaweed is on-trend, and the PureSea range is extensively researched with University partners, with quality assurance, DNA authentication, and a global supply chain into some of the largest multinationals.

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PureSea®: Naturally Innovative Seaweed for health, nutrition, flavour & more...

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